Sunday, December 25, 2011

Think outside the BLOCK!

I am currently OBSESSED with 'pinterest'! Thank you to my friends that told me about it!!! So on pinterest I keep seeing these ADORABLE blocks! some were ornaments, some for decoration, either way I had to make them....but I could not figure out how or where these people were getting these small 2x2 blocks. Local craft stores didn't have them, and when I went to the local home improvement stores they just had huge beams and I would need them to be cut and then have to sand them down myself. So I put that project on the back burner but whenever I was out I was on the hunt for something I could use. A few weeks later I was in the dollar tree....I go there a lot but when I go there I am always 'thinking outside of the box' I always buy things for crafts or projects for the kids.

I saw these......a wooden rectangle game....light bulbs flashed in my head!!! That was it!

I saved the pegs and dice for future projects

 I bought 15 of them (I had a lot of 'gifts' to make) and got to work! I printed out pictures and gathered some scrapbook supplies, paper, letter stickers and glue. I simply cut the pictures and paper to size and used modge podge under and over the paper and pictures.

These are how they turned out!!! They all look similar in style and colors but they are each unique!

  all of the grandparents got these for Christmas this year! I love how they turned out....hopefully they do too!

I hope this project inspires you to "Think outside the BLOCK too!!!"

-Happy crafting!!!

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