Sunday, December 25, 2011

old frame re-newed

Do you ever just get antsy for a new 'project'? I DO! but I have also notice...being crafty and making projects isn't always cheap....I always think it will be and then I start to gather the materials and sometimes it starts to add up! So this particular time that I was itching for a project I reached out to my FB friends asking them if they knew of any good places to find deals on old frames....and one of my friends said she had 2 sitting on the side of her house that she was going to throw away!

nothing is cheaper than FREE!!! so I drove by and picked them up! 
These are not thick sturdy frames, rather thin with plexi glass...but that was perfect for what I was envisioning!

I took both frames apart and removed the plexi glass and then painted both frames with some sample wall paint I had.

I took the plexi glass inside and cut out a tree and taped it to the front. I used my cricut to cut the words "Grow" & "yet to be" I then used a crayon to write "old with me the BEST is" I wanted them to all be in different font styles. 

I then flipped the plexi glass over and started painting following the guide I had taped on the front. 

After it dried, I peeled off all the paper letters and the tree from the front and used a baby wipe to wipe off the crayon. I put it back in the frame and hung it up! 

love this saying!

As for the other frame....the plexi glass cracked so I used some twine and wrapped it around the frame and clipped pictures on it! It will make a great card holder for the holiday season!

-Happy crafting!!!

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